Patients are asked to complete the "Main Consultation" form and bring it on their first visit. When appropriate, please complete the women's health, skin/pain and digestion forms. The more information you provide, the better. In complicated cases, a timeline with events, investigations and outcomes is a bonus.

A diagnosis relies on testing information against a variety of frameworks and deciding on the best fit. The more detailed the information, the more accurate the diagnosis.


Treatments usually follow this pattern:

  • 1.   A mini diagnosis to assess changes or a new condition
  • 2.   The tongue and pulse are checked.
  • 3.   A treatment plan is made, and aquick discussion of options.
  • 4.   Fine needles are inserted.
  • 5.   Cupping or moxibustion may be part of the treatment.
  • 6.   Herbal combinations may the discussed.

Patients are monitored and attended throughout the session.

Functional Diagnostic & Intolerance Testing

Justin studies the latest Functional medicine research and uses Genova Diagnostics tests to support his practice. These tests greatly expand understanding and treatment options and are invaluable tools in complex cases.

Cambridge Nutritional Sciences have an extensive range of food intolerance teststhat can be very useful for fatigue, skin and digestive problems.

Nutritional Supplements

The clinic stocks a basic range of Cytoplan nutritional supplements at discounted prices. They are excellent value "Food State," which means they're taken from plants rather than made in a laboratory.

Ultrasound scans can be arranged. I also refer for ultrasound diagnosis locally and have accounts with two diagnostic companies that offer metabolic, allergic and digestive function testing if that's what's needed. The testing companies are Cambridge Nutritional Sciences and Genova Diagnostics and they're leaders in their fields.

If you have any questions about acupuncture and how it can help you please email Justin Hextall