Justin Hextall Testimonials Testimonials from former patients


”I had a car crash and spinal surgery in 1993, I visited Justin 3 years ago because I was no longer able to control residual nerve root pain in my back and neck. Within 6 weeks, the numbness in my back had lessened dramatically, and although I need ongoing treatment, I feel that I am in control of the pain and need to take much less medication. My quality of life has improved enormously. Thank you Justin. By the way, he has a brilliant sense of humour too!”


”Justin is a very approachable professional acupuncturist. He is easy to talk to and listens well. He has helped me a lot for which I am very grateful.”


”My sister has had two treatments with you and her recovery is quite remarkable. I was therefore wondering whether you have had any positive results with the treatment of Ménière's disease...”


”I am having acupuncture and Chinese herbs?to help with my Multiple Sclerosis. I'm very happy since I've been taking the herbs. I feel healthier and have more energy. I also feel stronger when I stand, not wobbly anymore. Also my tongue?is no longer coated, and it has been for many years. ?The acupuncture has helped my cold feet become warm again, and again the strength in my legs is better. I also sleep much better now, where before it would take me about 1 ½ hours to get to sleep, but now about 10 minutes and I seem to sleep sounder too. Thank you.”


”I've been treated for very sore joints and an ongoing sore neck, with acupuncture from Justin, all of which have now settled thank goodness.

I also have an overactive thyroid that causes severe heat, insomnia, tiredness and anxiety?and was given carbimazole and propylthiouracil to try to control my thyroid levels.? However I suffered extreme side effects which made me feel very ill and almost immobile.? The only treatment offered was radio iodine treatment which meant being on drugs for life which I wasn't happy with. So we tried acupuncture and herbs, with regular blood tests with the hospital over the last couple of years.

My T3 levels are almost normal now and I've just been told by my doctor that I don't need to have another test for six months.? I now feel really well and have a "top up" of acupuncture every now and again to keep levels good.? I’m amazed the difference that acupuncture has made.? Justin is always willing to discuss problems and help if able.? I personally wouldn't go to anyone else other than Justin for Chinese herbal medicine and cannot recommend him highly enough.”


”I saw Justin for help with my 2 year old daughter who was suffering from severe eczema. Having tried conventional treatment (and been very disappointed with the attitude as well as the method) it was such a relief to find someone who really understood not just the physical condition but also the effect it was having on our lives. With Justin's help we found a course of herbal treatment that made a significant and sustained improvement. Herbal treatment and acupuncture also helped me deal with the stress this and other things were causing to my state of mind. I am so grateful for this and would highly recommend Justin.”


”I first went to Justin when I had suffered two miscarriages and was extremely run down physically and emotionally. Acupuncture and herbs enabled me to get back on an even keel again. Subsequently I then became pregnant again and I feel the acupuncture was a factor in this. It also helped me enormously throughout the pregnancy. I am now a very happy mummy with my little girl Florence; such a miracle and a joy to me and the whole family. I cannot thank Justin enough and to recommend him fully.”


”Thank you Justin, yet again, for making my life much more enjoyable.

Your treatment with both acupuncture and the herbal medications made such a difference 5 years ago when I was so physically low with what was probably irritable bowel syndrome mixed in with a variety of other dietary problems. I know it took a lot of perseverance on your part but you did succeed and I still cannot quite believe how well behaved my digestion system now is and how comfortable I now feel.

And yet again you have succeeded in improving my general health and the exhaustion I have been feeling since, in the absence of any other diagnosis, I have been told I have ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am hoping there is yet further improvement to be made, but the results so far are great and such a relief. ”



”I have been one of Justin’s patients for over 7 years. I first visited Justin with a chronic problem of cellulitis in the left leg, which was requiring regular antibiotics and time off work. During the early stages, I was sceptical about the value of acupuncture. However it soon became very clear that I had become a lot healthier and antibiotics were a thing of the past. This of itself has been a tremendous benefit. However, Justin has done much more than this. He has built up a very good understanding of me as an individual, offering sound general advice on health and lifestyle. Justin does not reject Western medicine, but rather he demonstrates the value to well-being of the skilful application of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Justin has the additional attributes of charm and sincerity. He is someone that I have grown to trust and that I can highly recommend.”


”I first visited Justin in 2004 with acute acne and resulting scarring. Through an ongoing programme of treatment using acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies not only has the acne completely disappeared, but the previously scarred tissue has healed altogether. This has genuinely been a life changing experience. As a result, my confidence has improved dramatically and I no longer dread the thought of looking at myself in the mirror. Justin’s professional and yet relaxed and informal sessions were of such value it’s difficult to summarise. Quite simply I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


”Justin has been treating me for seven years and I have found acupuncture to be a great help. It has helped me with pain and headaches caused by degeneration of the neck. I have had two dramatic experiences; a car accident and a fractured hip and each time acupuncture was an enormous help for getting over the shock.”


”I have had a back problem for over 60 years and have had during that period various types of treatment. I can honestly say that the only treatment I have benefited from has been acupuncture. I am sure that like me many of your Lymington patients will miss your presence here and Wimborne’s gain is our loss.”


”I rely on Justin for help when a sinus problem attacks. Not only does the treatment give me great relief, Justin’s calm and gentle professionalism is relaxing and subtly energising too.”


”Acupuncture from Justin has helped bring my back, neck and shoulder pain under control and through continual maintenance has restored flexibility to those areas.”

of Brockenhurst

”I have been treated by Justin for over 7 years. During that time acupuncture has helped me enormously with a number of problems. I have found that the combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs is the most effective and lasting way to deal with long term anxiety and depression. I am a very different person to the one who first visited Justin's clinic seven years ago. Thanks to Justin's treatment I am able to live a much more healthy and balanced life which at one time seemed like an impossibility. Justin is a therapist who can really be trusted to treat patients as whole people, building up a thorough picture of each individual and taking the time to find the right treatment that really works. His good natured approach and genuine desire to see people lead improved lives has made so much difference to me and I will continue to see him as a patient for as long as I can in order to remain energised and in control of my health.”


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