From time to time, we publish a newsheet which is designed to bring you up to date with news and events and to keep you abreast of recent developments at the clinic. To view the full range of newsheets, please click on the links below.

Save our Herbs Campaign

In April 2011 the Laws regarding herbs in the UK will change - an EU Directive will come into force, which will ban much of current practice. For the herbal industry to survive the Government needed to Legislate here in the UK - we herbalists had been encouraging this process for 10 years; with the change in Government we met with a change in approach and thankfully, after much lobbying from patients and practitioners we have had news that we will be Regulated. Thank you, to everyone who campaigned so hard to get this turnaround; it really will make a huge difference.

As with much in life there’s usually a new challenge – this is currently from the Advertising Standards Agency who have decided that we are no longer allowed to say we treat or see patients for anything but 5 conditions. Nor are we allowed to put testimonials on our websites. Which does make it a bit more difficult to spread the word we will soon be back to word of mouth.

If you have any questions about acupuncture and how it can help you please email Justin Hextall